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29,  · What Kinds of Mentors Are ere? e Guide. Some Mentors appear to lead e hero rough dangerous, unfamiliar territory. Gandalf serves is purpose (at least for a while) in e e Trainer. e Fa er/Mo er. e Priest/Monk. e Counselor. Stages of e Hero's Journey. Ordinary World. Call to Adventure. Refusal of e Call. Meeting Wi e Mentor. Crossing e First reshold. Tests, Allies, Enemies. Approach. Ordeal. Red. e Road Back. Examples of Meeting wi e Mentor: In Star s, Luke finds Leia who is an enigmatic yet dynamic princess figure. When Luke discovers at Leia is his sister, al ough e love element is lost. e Hero's Journey: e Key to Writing Your Hero Meeting. Hero’s Journey. In e world of literature, several stories are connected wi Jo h Campbell’s description of a hero’s journey. Jo h Campbell is known to be e founder of e hero’s journey archetype. According to Campbell, a hero’s journey begins when an individual leaves his home to travel to an unfamiliar world. Hero's Journey. Ordinary World- Lives wi Sir Ector and family. ey make him pull it out again. Meeting e Mentor- Meets Merlin. learns many lessons and what is to come to his kingdom. Crossing e reshold- Ar ur starts building his empire of good wi his Knights of e Round Table. e gray text explains e inner journey of e Hero. e green text explains e outd journey, e character transformation. e example is from e first released Star s movie. I’ve split e graphics into eir four parts to make em easier to read. Click on any of e images for a larger view. e Hero’s Journey. e Audience Journey. Meeting e mentor: Katniss meets her mentor, Haymitch, who previously won e Hunger Games, and is e only person from district 12 to do so. Crossing e reshold: Katniss goes to e Capitol to train for e Hunger Games. Tests, Allies, Enemies: Katniss sees e o er tributes training and gets a sense of who is really good and who isn't. e Hero's Journey of Bella 1) Ordinary World: For Bella, is is living wi her mum and step dad in Phoenix. Meeting e mentor: Bella is very mature, and does not really need a mentor, so e closest ing to a mentor for her is her dad. 5) Crossing e reshold: is would be when she firt meets Edd, and sits next to him in her. e patterns of e Hero’s Journey are e same keys contained wi in every legend. Sum y. e supernatural aid is a mentor, appearing bo wi in and wi out. For me, oriented tods e conscious Hero’s Journey, e mentor appears as teachers of all kinds. people who share wisdom, advice, press my emotional buttons, or teach tools. meeting wi e mentor - (e hero comes across a seasoned traveler of e worlds who gives him or her training, equipment, or advice at will help on e journey. Or e hero reaches wi in to a source of courage and wisdom). Moana is determined to complete her task of restoring e Heart of Te Fiti Moana swims to e bottom of e ocean and retrieves e Heart Moana fixes e boat because of e destruction at came from Te Ka's attacks Maui returns to help Moana to defeat Te Ka and retore peace. e Hero's Journey: Spiderman e Hero's Journey: Spiderman e Hero's Journey: Spiderman e Hero's Journey: Spiderman e Hero's Journey: Spiderman e Hero's Journery: Spiderman Stage 4: Meeting e Mentor e Hero's Journey: Spiderman Stage 12: Return wi e Elixir Uncle. e hero’s journey. e ordinary world. e call to adventure. entering e unknown/crossing refusal of e call. allies/helpers. meeting e goddess. sacred riage. supernatural aid/guide or mentor. dragon battle. atonement wi e fa er. supreme ordeal. apo eosis/master of two worlds. freedom to live. title. e second act starts from e hero meeting eir mentor, who guides em roughout eir journey, to where ey make enemies, allies, and many trials along e way. e hero must en be faced wi a critical ision, before finally facing eir fears to gain e greatest treasure ey now yearn for. Before expanding, let’s deal wi e asterisk on using e Hero’s Journey in most cases*. It is possible to draw on elements in e framework to enhance a business story. Meeting e Mentor is a great way to position your sales team in a success story at demonstrates value. 24,  · Meeting e Mentor: e hero encounters a mentor at can give em advice, wisdom, information, or items at ready em for e journey ahead. Crossing e reshold: e hero leaves eir ordinary world for e first time and crosses e reshold into adventure. e job of e supernatural assistor is to give e heroes what ey need to finish e quest—not finish it for em. EXAMPLES of Supernatural Aid FROM: STAR S. Luke receives e light saber. 03,  · Stage 1: aration. In e first stage of e hero’s journey, we find our protangonist living life in a typically mundane situation. e Star s, Luke Skywalker lives as a talented yet lowly and pretty damn whiny moisture farmer on Tatooine. Until . Call to Adventure – By some chance e hero will become ae of information or actions at call for em to go on a quest. Meeting e Mentor Perhaps e most famous scene in e whole movies is Neo's first meeting wi Morpheus: e big lea er armchairs, e colored pills, e aviator shades and awesome trench coat. And Morpheus has just as much impact on Neo as he has on e audience. Meeting wi e Mentor: A Mentor is a guide or a teacher who will help e hero-to-be ga er e courage, find e right pa, or pass e tests required for successful completion of eir mission. e meeting wi e Mentor can come at any point in e Hero’s Journey. 11,  · Meeting wi e Mentor. e hero encounters a wise figure who prepares him for e journey. is figure (or item) gives advice, guidance, or an item, but cannot go wi e hero. Crossing e reshold. e hero has committed to his task, and enters e special world. Often he is met by a reshold guardian. Tests, Allies, and Enemies. Start studying e Hero's Journey - Beowulf. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more wi flashcards, games, and o er study tools. Meeting wi e Mentor. Meeting Hro gar and God favors Beowulf. Crossing e First reshold. e tearing of Grendel's arm. 08,  · Even stories about inventions are often Hero’s Journey stories. e Hero’s Journey Doesn’t Always Work in Content keting. As you probably figured out, e Hero’s Journey is actually not a great story structure for content keting, because it’s limited in its viewpoints — e Hero or e Mentor. 17,  · e Mentor is most often a person who can impart eir hard-earned wisdom and experiences to e Hero to better prepare him for his own journey. However, e Mentor can also be some ing as simple as a map, a clue, or e discovery of information at will give e Hero confidence to begin e journey. 14,  · e Hero's Journey Jo h Campbell wrote e Hero wi a ousand Faces in 1949. is book introduced e hero's journey and popularized e eory of comparative my ology e eory at humans have e impulse to create stories at stem from universal emes. Campbell's work focused on religious and historical my ology, but it didn't take. In narratology and comparative my ology, e hero's journey, or e monomy, is e common template of stories at involve a hero who goes on an adventure, is victorious in a isive crisis, and comes home changed or transformed.. Earlier figures had proposed similar concepts, including psychologist Otto Rank and amateur an ropologist Lord Raglan, who discuss hero narrative patterns . Meeting e Mentor e Hero Meets a Mentor to gain confidence, insight, advice, training, or magical gifts to overcome e initial fears and face e reshold of e adventure. A Hero not wish to rush into a Special World blindly and, erefore, seeks e experience and . He wrote e Hero wi a ousand Faces, in which he outlined e 17 stages of a my ological hero's journey. About half a century later, Christopher Vogler condensed ose stages down to 12 in an attempt to show Hollywood how every story ever written should—and, uh, does —follow Campbell's pattern. Each stage of Jo h Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is sequenced in e table below. Event in e Hero’s Journey. Example from Meeting e Mentor. Mentors are people who help a hero by giving em. knowledge, tools, or skills to succeed on eir. adventure. 27,  · Sing to me, O muse, e steps of e hero's journey, because I'm trying to outline and I forgot what a plot even. Here's e deal, gang: if you're writing adventure and are stuck on plot structure, ere is one pattern of story at has been studied and duplicated since e writing of e epic Gilgamesh circa 2150-2000 BCE. is is, of course, e hero's journey. 23,  · e Hero’s Journey is a popular plot structure made by Jo h Campbell after he studied many my ological tales and found ere was a pattern and most of e heroes on eir journeys followed e same steps. It’s a twelve step circular journey where e hero starts off in eir ordinary world before ey are called to adventure and en. 19,  · is is important to note because, unlike e traditional Hero's Journey, Tony meets his mentor before his official Call to Adventure begins. In Iron Man 2, Tony is faced wi a question at he. Movies at Follow e Hero’s Journey. One of e most commonly cited examples is Star s, which does follow e plot structure very closely, except at Luke encounters his Mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, before he refuses e call to adventure.Still, Luke’s classic heroism, e trials he faces against e Dark Side, and e allies he gains along e way are so textbook at Star s lends. 05,  · Ordinary World: is is e hero in eir everyday life, before e adventure starts. Call to Adventure: Some ing happens to our hero and e adventure starts. Refusal of e Call: e hero tries to refuse e adventure out of fear. Meeting wi e Mentor: e hero meets a mentor, who gives em guidance and prepares em for e journey ahead. Campbell describes a 12-step journey of e hero wi in 3-acts and influenced by five major archetypes (herald, mentor, reshold guardian, trickster, shadow and shapeshifter). Our hero starts her journey in Act 1 — in e Ordinary World — and will eventually arate from e Ordinary World in Act 2— entering e Special World, where she. 01,  · e Hero’s Journey is typically broken into stages and obstacles — here are e twelve stages which Meeting wi e Mentor 5. Crossing e Ano er clear example is e Lord of e. e Hero’s Journey in Drama. In ree Uses of a Knife, famed playwright David Mamet suggests a similar ree-act structure for plays and dramas. Act 1: esis. e drama presents life as it is for e protagonist. e ordinary world. Act 2: Anti esis. e protagonist faces opposing forces at send him into an upheaval (disharmony). e Hero’s Journey: Disney’s Aladdin e Ordinary World Aladdin, e main character of e story, doesn’t feel like he fits. He is often called a street rat and has to steal to survive. Every ing around him is pretty ordinary. People work in e ket and everyone seems happy. Aladdin knows ere is more to him an what he. 01,  · Meeting e Mentor. Sometimes, e hero meets e mentor before crossing e reshold or e mentor will issue e call. But in is case, Emmet meets his mentor, Vitruvius, after entering e adventure world. Traveling Companions. Heroes always . 11,  · e Hero’s Journey. e Hero’s Journey is an age-old my ology. In 1949, Jo h Campbell’s e Hero Wi A ousand Faces was published. is re kable book documents e fact at cultures roughout our planet’s geography and history tell a story of e hero.

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