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Merits Of Micro Service Architecture.

The use of micro service architecture is now being adapted by so many web giants. This is due to the fact that it allows the system to be divided into many smaller, individual and independent services. The other important reason for this is the fact that each individual services is very flexible, composable, complete and robust. While using this software in your system, it will also run autonomous processes and it is also able to communicate with one another with the help of APIs. For each micro service, it is implemented in different programming languages on different platforms. The infrastructure will be able to run so long as there is a container that is able to hold services encapsulated for operation. Since the containers are already in parallel positions during operations, it makes the maintenance be a lot easier.

Micro services key principle is simplicity. It is due to this key principle that it is a lot easier to maintain and build whenever they are split in to smaller compos-able fragments. Managing of the code in micro services is easy because they come in separate chunks of codes. You can easily implement different programming languages, software environments and database. This gives you the chance to deploy rebuilt, re-deploy and manage each service independently. In simpler terms this means that the entire system will still be operational even if there is a problem experienced in one of the micro service. The problem can be detected easily and compensated relatively quickly.

With this kind of software, you have the ability to build your own businesses functionalities instead of just writing glue code. This enables your development team to organize around the capabilities of the business and not on the technologies. The same kind of services that you are using can be reused in more than one business process or in other different business channels if there is need for this. Each particular service is handed to each member of your team which will lead to building a smart and cross functional team.

Micro service architecture is able to decompose applications to services that are manageable and are developed fast. This is very important because you will be in a position to tackle the problem when it comes to speed and productivity. This enables you team of developers to work on different components simultaneously without waiting for one of their team members to finish their work before they can start on working on theirs. You are guaranteed when you use this software that you get speedy and quality services since each of the micro service can be tested individually and the components can also be tested and developed while the programmers are still busy working on other services.

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