Real Estate Farming in India Big Changes Predicted

Though next only to agriculture, the real estate industry in reputed to have a high growth rate. Estimates say that real estate business could be growing at an estimated 6-7%annually and perhaps is one of the major provider of employment all over India. In sympathy, the real estate industry too has seen some major changes. The most interesting of the changes is the entry of corporate companies in real estate farming.

In India, the development of real estate is considered as a welcome feature. Of all the big changes it has made, the speed at which wasteland is being converted into arable land should be commended. Big corporates are making it possible to wheel water from far away sources or discover ground water that make it practical to carry on with farming activities.

India by moving towards real estate is now well poised to market its produce across the world. It is now possible to establish market presence in major consumption areas. For the first time it is possible to reduce dependence on middlemen and brokerage firms to reach consumers directly. Along with this also comes the ability to build brand images that increase a produce’s value.

Real Estate Farming and Ownership Pattern

The government in India per se in the past had never encouraged corporate companies to enter farming activities. As a result, continued to use outdated technologies even until recently. The entry concept by the corporate sector has brought along with it the latest technologies. Corporate entry has ensured not only technology transfer but also farmland ownership pattern.

Gone are the days when every farming activity had to be overseen by the owners. Corporate real estate companies nowadays are able to introduce cooperative farming by forming societies so that each farm is able to access technology in ways that was not possible even a decade before. Collective farming makes it possible to access high technology by dividing the cost of acquisition among real estate farming communities. It has the potential to establish laboratories and introduce advanced preservation technologies at reasonable costs.

One of the interesting development in India as it relates to real estate farming is the development of small farms that practice intense farming techniques that are efficient and preserve water resources. The emphasis of real estate farming is in cash crops as against mass consumed cereals in large scale agriculture. Another interesting factor relating to real estate farming is Barhi date production in South India.

Golden Grove in Real Estate Farming

Real estate farming also has the potential to cultivate crops not considered as fit for particular regions. For example, Golden Grove a real estate farming company has successfully demonstrated that it is practical to grow Barhi dates in Annur at Coimbatore. It has established a real estate date farm and in under 28-months of planting date trees it has shown positive results. The yield rate at the farm is 100 kilograms per tree per year which is remarkable.

Golden Grove offers farmlands for sale in small lots. This is advantageous for investors who are eager to enter scientific farming as a leisurely activity or are planning to park their funds to multiply their asset value. Either ways real estate farming is a great endeavour.

Real Estate and Technology adoption

High-tech farming once used to be the exclusive preserve of big farmers who had the financial resources to adopt scientific cultivation. This has changed under real estate farming techniques in which corporates procure vast tracts of barren land and convert them into arable land fit for cash crop cultivation. Typically corporate businesses involved in this type of activity divide their landholdings into smaller bits for subsequently selling them. This has encouraged many investors to invest in real estate farming.

The advent of real estate farming is a big change in Indian psyche. Indian investors are for the first time in history thinking in terms of achieving high yields from small lands coupled with high quality of produce. There is undoubtedly a paradigm shift in ways the real estate farming concept is captivating farm investment in India.

Another fallout of the real estate farming industry is that it is opening a new venue for people to park their savings. India for the first time is now in a position to offer global investors a realistic opportunity for long-term investment in which there is tremendous scope for growing money on trees literally. Uniquely, real estate farming is suited for big as well as small investors alike. It also makes farming a bankable industry. This so much good for the country as well.

Foreign Investment in Real Estate

India is also on the verge of attracting massive investments in real estate farming. The infusion of foreign companies in the real estate farming is expected to bring about major changes in crop output as well as improve the quality of produce. It is noteworthy that real estate farming in developed countries have saturated with little scope for expanding. This is a boon for countries like India that is looking for farm technologies that are inexpensive and relevant to deployment on a large scale.

Overall real estate farming holds a great potential for investors who love agriculture and farming. The entry of real estate farming has ensured the availability of small farmland that have the potential for intense farming techniques. The fact that India receives sunshine throughout the year is another factor for real estate farming to succeed.

Pune Real Estate Is High and Still Rising

It has taken the Indian property showcase quite a while to regard the goliath furthest crosses of our own baffling Punya Nagari – or Pune, in short – however its eyes have finally opened. No more would this have the capacity to little city be rejects or discharged as a ‘Surrendered individual’s Paradise.’ One tends to approach concerning what reason it took so hurt for its star to rise, considering the specific immaculate circumstances it proceeds to the table.

If degree is the lodestone in space, Pune is truly respected. Settled in the Western ghats of the Sahyadri mountains, it highlights climactic conditions that are the stinging of most amassed urban zones in the state of Maharashtra and past. Clearly, the air and central environment come so close certifiable ‘slant station’ conditions for most by a wide edge of the year that Pune is ending up being a creature guest destination in its own particular slant.

What truly matters, regardless, is the course that there is a structure on union of home-buyers from all over India. This is clear by its making people, which joins unmistakable that have made Pune their home in a general sense starting late. In zone terms, this is the thing that portrays an ‘impact’, and Pune is unequivocally experiencing one.


There are unmistakable reasons, touching zone, for Pune’s sudden moving in degree fortunes. The ‘Oxford of the East’, as it is correspondingly known, is home to different prestigious illuminating and planning foundations that cover every piece of scholastics – including space science, impacted estimation, pharmaceutical in every control, news scope, film making, law, every piece of building, human science etc.

By any measures, it is amazingly sporadic to find such a substitute fortune of data and learning inside the edges of a specific city – and a really pointless one at that. With the opening up accent on illuminating grandness for the past couple of periods, this settles on Pune a trademark choice for people who require their relatives to advantage by the city’s amazing base. It is not by chance that Pune is home to a galactic number of outside and out-of-state understudies.

Pune in like course boasts about various attractions to non-city people. Case in point, it offers a sensible horseracing base that intercity card sharks and dashing fans find hard to discredit. The yearly dashing season is a key event and pulls in epic spenders from all over on all through the country. Ensured embellishments unendingly select to settle down in Pune rather than travel long packages reliably. The zone ways this proficient event has opened up on the zone business part are astonishing and clearing.

Regardless, vital workplaces and stallion races alone would unmistakably not have sufficed to make Pune’s stars rise and shine so amazingly in the zone skies. The what complete off a sensibly good thing was yet to take after…


Amusingly, it was not the city of Pune itself yet rather its remote zones that are pulling in key thought. Ranges like Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Hadapsar, Aundh and Wakad are particularly under the spotlight weaving out at the focal multinational IT savages began going on amazing ‘ol obliged power for them.

To welcome this interest, one ought to first handle the specific needs of such affiliations and their qualities. A wide scale, cutting edge programming office requires free establishments wherein change of multifaceted and exceedingly specific things can happen without hitches saw by the ‘outside world’. This calls for essential spaces of zone a long way from standard change. By then, such a union is still subject to supplies of basic materials, so the zone can’t be all around obliged. Achievement in creature scale IT sharpens calls for straightforwardness of people and supplies.

If the association together’s stunning ‘ol laid out zone is a pulls back one, these must be remote from other, more made degrees. By then, fitting motel for organization together delegates must be made open as close to the workplace as could sensibly be critical. Since IT considers general fall in a stunning state of pay, such private workplaces must be plainly superior to the laid out. At the day’s end, they ought to offer an enrapturing condition of wealth, comfort, security and affirmation.

Considered all around, these conditions are to a stunning degree hard to meet in a making city. Regardless, the “presentation” of Pune’s starting now went on district analyzed that IT mammoths like Wipro, Satyam, Msource and others to wake up to the potential trademark in Pune’s edges. Everything fit the key needs of an Infotech progress base – including the level of Mumbai by sense for the Expressway and the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore – through the Bangalore-Pune Highway.

The zones were uncluttered and ideal for undisturbed creative work, land rates were trashy, and there was riches open. The necessities of period and relentlessly living were in a brief moment open from central Pune, with more specific supplies pleasingly possible from away.


It didn’t take long for this probability to be battered. Makers and originators who had gone to set down with the likelihood that the property market in Pune had satisfied terminal stagnation display out of nowhere woke up the accreditation of general megabucks. In any case, it soon affected the opportunity to be clear that contemporary examinations of what constitutes a wealth home would should be completely changed.

The new kind of well-to-do and seeing IT director was settling vain lacking topnotch upgrades, the most gloriously confounding of zone, and settlement in affiliation together and purchase. In like way, the old models on which Pune’s region market worked left the window. New beautification structures and examinations progressed. In like way, home credit openness changed into an unmistakable and deficiency free process.

The diagrams that such producers were setting obliged others to upgrade their showing up, besides. The progress that was continuing in the enough gone on zones updated their quality open exponentially and soon keeping up a key part from on each fashioner worth his salt was scrambling to get an offer of any brightenings behind interest. Owning a private attempt in or around the Hinjewadi Infotech Park or Magarpatta Cybercity changed into an issue of giganticness and ensured achievement.

The Expansion Effect spread, understanding the recuperation of further and further zones and putting them on the master’s sorting out stage. Boss among these was the Pradhikaran space of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. In all enduring quality, Pradhikaran land as a last resort and the township properties there particularly changed into a term that spelled mixed up settlement for home buyers and ensured quantifiable slants for Pune property budgetary supervisors. Joining a making number of affiliations and the ultra-present day private structures and private townships in Pimpri Chinchwad, the business retail division routinely close got an epic holder.

Today, the late ‘Surrendered individual’s Paradise’ of Pune is a changed and restored substance. The centrality for homes in this city has risen monstrously, and continues climbing dependably. Considering that Pune still has colossal tracts of prime degree zone to offer to certifiable business winds, retail magnates and home seekers alike, it is ensured to express that this century will likely on the planet see the city’s name in the Real Estate Hall of Fame.

Ecuador Real Estate Business

Investing in Salinas, Ecuador’s real estate or any other country’s real estate is always a beneficial business, however before making such an investment it is always necessary to get the appropriate market information of the country, in case of Ecuador if you are not resident of this particular country then getting information about the market condition becomes a necessary thing to do. However if you find that the overall market condition is conducive for making real estate investment, then investing in such a scenario can result in the following benefits for you

Benefits related to Salinas, Ecuador’s real estate investment:

Some benefits which you can get via real estate investment in Ecuador or any other country are as discussed in the paragraphs below, these benefits are as follows

In most of the cases real estate investments results in a regular income, a common example of this regular income is in the form of rent which one can get if he leases his house or property, since rents are always fixed in the form of 2 to 3 years contract hence a regular and secure income becomes very much a possibility.
One of the most secure investments is that of property, this investment results in the security of your precious capital. The reason behind this phenomenon is that property is durable and its economic life is long enough. The second point which makes property investment a safer option is that a building may get destroyed, a land on which that building stood is surely indestructible.
The increase of the equity level of the investor through appreciation of capital and loan repayments results in refinancing of the original property and this paves the way for investing in another property as well. the reinvestments will ultimately result in the investor being wealthy so investing in real estate is surely a great way of becoming wealthy.

The above mentioned benefits as mentioned above are not linked with Ecuador alone, rather these benefits can linked with all the countries, however Ecuador is specifically mentioned in this particular article for a reason and that reason is that the market conditions related to property investment in Ecuador are at its absolute height hence investing in the real estate of Ecuador is a wonderful choice.

Bidding House The Face of Change in Indian Real Estate

A country’ economy is very much dependent upon each of its sectors. Among such sectors is Real Estate. In India, the sector is considered to be the second-highest employment generator after agriculture. Not only it has been responsible for generating a high level of employment, but also it has been supporting the stimulation of demand in various other sectors including consumer durables, building materials, brick, paint, steel, cement and so forth.

Let’s have a look at some of the recent developments in the Indian Real Estate industry:

The Rising Sector

The real estate market in India is expected to grow from US$ 93.8 billion in 2014 to US$ 180 billion by 2020. The major factors behind the growth of real estate sector has been the rise of the nuclear family, rapid urbanization and burgeoning income of the household.

Not only that, Real estate has been placed at fourth place when it comes to attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows. Government of India has been trying its best to bolster the growth of real estate sector. Not only the FDI limits for settlement development and townships has been raised to 100 percent, but also FDI inflow under real estate projects in SEZ (Special Economic Zone) has permitted to the same extent.

The Rising Player

Implementation of FDI was followed by the arrival of various foreign and domestic players in the real estate market. But, a platform that was much awaited in the sector has arrived to change the way real estate is bought and sold. Yes, we are taking about Biddinghouse. The platform has devised an innovative way to bring down costs in various types of properties. Not only that, Bidding House has partnered with various big players in the sector. These include Adani, DLF, Lotus Greens, TATA among others.

The process which it is using is the first of its kind in the country. To make the available properties economical for its users, Biddinghouse would purchase large number of properties from its partners using a lot system. Thus opening a way to provide properties that are both genuine and cost-effective at the same time.

Now coming to the benefits for its users, Biddinghouse is not only for purchaser who want to Buy Residential Property in India, however, real estate agents, sellers and brokers have a platform that will provide a wide exposure to the audience and customers all over the country. Therefore, now anyone can reap multiple benefits with just a single platform.


Real estate auction in India has been always characterized by the same boring traditional process. But as we have noticed that real estate sector in the country has been escalating itself to a level characterized by utter prosperity, there has arrived a platform that is not only going to provide an alternative to traditional real estate process, but also meeting all the property goals of every user in India.

Experienced Real Estate Company Help You Search Better Property Options

On the off chance that you are taking a gander at obtaining another house, then you ought to consider a few areas. You ought to consider the style, size, neighborhood, and expense of the homes open to be obtained where you are looking. These are the standard zones that you would need to consider when searching for the right house.

The style of a house is something that everybody contemplates paying little regard to the probability that they don’t understand it. You may not appreciate that you think of it as being a pro home or a cape cod however actually everybody most likely has an inclination for a without question style of home. Two or three styles may be more immediately open than others, so it may take some work to discover certain styles. Another thought with the style will be paying little regard to whether you have any relatives with uncommon needs. Expecting this is the situation then you may chase down houses that basically have one key floor.

Real estate agents in Staten island available to be purchased in Staten Island accessible to be bought is another thought in the event that you are taking a gander at homes open to be acquired. In the event that you have a family, then you may require a without question measure of space to oblige your entire gathering. You might require an additional space for visitors or even a whole space territory for them. You might require a ton of storage room, so you may have a full storm cellar given to generally stockpiling.

The district is something else that you have to consider on the off chance that you are taking a gander at homes open to be gained. All your real estate needs in Staten Island rely on upon your elucidation behind having a house where you require it. In the event that you are single and work downtown, then you may search for a space close work. You have young people, and a while later you may require a home near the school and in an ensured neighbourhood. In the event that you are surrendered, then you may pick a to a great degree ventures land in Staten Island arrangements and dispossession that would be absurdly over the top for a vigorous group.

Expense is another thing to inspect as you take a gander at Multi-family homes available to be Townhouses for sale in Staten Island postings open to be purchased. You should take a gander at your cash related course of action to pick on the off chance that you can deal with the cost of the home development on the home that you may need for yourself and/or for your gathering. In the wake of taking a gander at two or three locales, you will ideally observe the homes open to be gotten that will address the issues that you have for you and your gathering. It will take some examination; in any case you ought to be able to get a large portion of the data that you require on the off chance that you work at it.

Why Real Estate?

Real Estate 3If you are planning to invest in a business, then Salinas, Ecuador’s real estate investment is surely a prefect thing for you to do, you must be thinking that why should you invest in real estate , well the reason is that Ecuador is slowly developing and business opportunities there are also gradually developing.

Why Salinas, Ecuador’s real estate?

The question mentioned above must be in your mind, that why can you not invest in something else rather than investing in real estate? The answer to this question is very simple. Investing in real estate is very beneficial as compared to other business provided the market conditions are suitable for the investment; the real estate business offers some advantages which are not offered by much other business, some of the advantages are discussed below in detail

As compared to other investments real estate investment are much stable in nature however it is necessary that the person investing is smart and knows well the dynamics of this business. A general rule is that you can make your real estate business stable if you invest in the property which is stable enough.
The second thing which makes real estate investment worthy is that you do not need a huge chunk of capital to invest in this business, rather a normal amount of investment is good enough for business start up.
If you give due time to your real estate investment and you make the right decisions you will see the positive results in the form of continuous cash flow, the cash flow will increase the value of your property and will surely result in the profit maximization as well.
As compared to other businesses another advantages of real estate investment is that you can get a lot of tax exemptions in this business, which surely makes this business more feasible for you.
The inflation rate in real estate business Is usually low, which makes this business again worthy of investing.
Leveraging is also very much easy as far real estate investment is concerned, leveraging actually means that part of the money is your own investment and the rest is borrowed from other sources such as finance companies etc.
The business of real estate can run for a longer period of time, as the demand of property or land never decreases, as the population of a particular locality increases, the demand of real estate business also increases.

A Real Estate Agents Invest Their Money in Rental Properties

The real estate business has provided me with a great opportunity and income to own a business. The real estate agents invest their money for their rental properties. The real estate making a business of agents that get money. I am started investing in business. Being an agents assisted me vastly. One of the best decisions i ever made in my life is becoming an agents. They can invest their money into properties. Because they can have commissions of every properties is sold by them.
Invest in properties
The real estate companies may have also communicated with me as agents. Most of the company has to convey their projects with these agents. The real estate builders and property developers in Coimbatore. They have developed their business with the help of agents. A real estate company has different types of works such as Real Estate promoters, Real Estate Builders, Property Developers, Land Brokers, Real Estate Developers and much more.
I can save lot of money
Being an agents has assisted me enormously in my own investing scheme. I have purchased a residential land in Coimbatore and I am getting at least 18 percent cash on that properties. I can save Rs.50,000 on each transaction by being an agents.An agents I can saved me over Rs.25,000 in 2015 in commissions for myself. If I am working in a real estate companies, I did not get with these profits. The real estate associations in Coimbatore district have decided. Only some percent of amounts can get a real estate agents.
The companies have give certain amount or percent to their agents. It will decide by the real estate associations in Coimbatore. If theagents can sell any properties in Coimbatore or outside areas. The companies can also give commissions to agents with these properties. If the property is to be sell Rs. 40,00,000 lakhs. The agents can get Rs. 4,00,000 for their commissions. They have worked with both builders and property developers. They can get some commissions for their properties or land is to be sold.
Save Money
If you buy two or more rental properties in a year, you will get your real estate license. If you buy your own rental properties, it will save commissions of Rs.1000 in a year. When I am bought of every rental property, I can save a lot of money. The company has also give some profits to be sold by an agents. If you buy four houses in a year, As an agent, you can save Rs. 20,000 to 40,000 a year.
If you sell those houses, you will save more than double your savings. Because you will have commissions when you sell the houses as well. I bought a home for Rs. 30,00,000. As a real estate buyers agent, I can earned 4 percent commissions If, this property is sell with another real estate agents, then the agents also have commissions. If the real estate agents invest their properties in Coimbatore city. The agents can give some commissions to their amounts of profits.
The real estate business have a massive exposure in Coimbatore district. The business people of real estate builders and property developers have said ” In Coimbatore city, the business have developed in a huge success in this district. Most of the people have to start their own real estate companies in Coimbatore city. Because, the land rates and properties are to be sold in a good margin.

Find leading Fairhaven Real Estate Agency

Now if we talk about Westport, then Westport is a very beautiful town in the country of Bristol. There are number of houses for sale in Westport. People mostly choose house in Westport because there all the facilities are available therefore it’s called the “Westport point”. The most important thing is that all the houses are very beautiful in this city. So if you want to purchase house in Westport then you will invest your money on right place, because here every house built in a posh areas, and all houses have every facilities just like there are number of rooms according to your needs and every room has attached bathroom. There are also small garden in the front yard of every house, where you can spend quality of time with your family. So we can say that all the houses are well designed in Westport.

Well the other famous name is Fairhaven real estate with the help of this you can easily choose real estate in Fairhaven. They provide three categories in real estate the first one is residential real estate its include undeveloped land and houses, second is commercial real estate its includes office buildings, warehouses and retail store buildings and the third is Industrial real estate like factories, mines and farms. With the help of these categories you can easily select what you want..

Last but not least, we will also describe about the real property. Real property is a different concept its not like real estate because there is vast difference between both. As we know that real estate is a piece of land with natural or man made resources but real estate is a part of real property. Now if we talk about Marion property for sale then its good , valuable and the best thing is that the prices of property are very reasonable its not very expensive so you can easily purchase it. In Marion real property adds many rights to the property owner. Apart from that Marion is a good place with all facilities.

Now if you are start thinking to purchase house or property then these are the best options for you. Because with the help of this you can save your precious time moreover its suits to your pocket. The properties in Marion are very one of the best and the houses in Westport also very beautiful where u can live comfortably in the standardized locality. If you are looking for the leading or dedicated estate agency for reference to buy luxurious house or flat then simply prefer to Bento Real Estate SouthCoast for professional assistance.

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Company

For your business purposes, check which type of thing that you want the real estate investment companies. Select from an LLC or a sub-chapter S corporation or C corporation. It is depending upon what kind of tax status will have. Discover with an attorney details or a corporate accountant on the structure of your business. Determine a company name and check with the local governmental entity that handles for registering your business. If the real estate company name is already registered. You must choose another name of your company.

Agents and Brokers

The real estate agents and the brokers are also part of a company. Where they can involve in your company to generate business. Before you can start a real estate company. The first thing you must choose the agents. The agents are also associated with the promoters and builders. If you can run your company. You must find the agents in your areas. Most of the real estate companies have agents and real estate builders. Normally, the land brokers and the real estate agents are connected with many other peoples. So they can run your business with profits.


You can consider at your specific capital point. Such as how the business will be deposited. You must look on how to afford the property management, purchases, expert fees and costs connected with running the company. The real estate agents are associated with your company. Because he/she are doing business with your companies. Some of the real estate agents are investing in this business. They are also to be part of your real estate company.

Management Team

The real estate company owners to attend functions. Thus make business relationships with real estate brokers and real estate agents. Where your company will run your business. There you can find the best real estate of your business values. You can ask the business developer to the agents and brokers. The promoters and builders are associate with your real estate business.As a company owner, you must know everything about your business. The investment of your business is huge and you need to consult with the agents. They give a proper result for your business. Sometimes the agents are associated with builders and promoters.

Type of Business

Determine what real estate investing the company will be concerned with. The real estate companies may be related in commercial or residential. Normally it is the logical choice to start within a company. You can make purchases single family homes, duplexes and apartment buildings. You can find out what kind of tax and rules significances consist in your place.In case you are in Coimbatore you need to confirm your area to them. If you can make this for your area. Then only you will be doing business in Coimbatore. Some of the companies’ investments include rental income as well as capital appreciation. It is considered for both investment and maximum return.

Kerala-Thrissur, an Active Real Estate Investment Hub

Kerala, God’s own country is one of the best tourist destinations and is now seeing a boom in the real estate sector with a lot of infrastructure developments happening around.

Malayalees living in different parts of the world and the country are interested in investing in their homeland. The boom in the real estate market in Kerala has resulted in the construction of beautifully crafted independent villas and luxurious multi-storeyed apartments. Many businesses are also coming into the state. With developments in the IT sector in areas like Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi, Thrissur is also seeing developments on a large scale.

One of the leading players in the gold and diamond trade, the Malabar Group is coming up with an integrated township in Thrissur and this will involve an investment of INR 2000 crore which would generate around 50,000 jobs. This project is developed as a mixed-use project with a world-class facility. The project will have IT hub, business cluster, residential developments, convention facility, shopping mall and entertainment options. The township will have the place to live, work and play. This project will enjoy the connectivity as it is located on the National Highway 47. Such developments leading to job creation are making Thrissur a promising investment destination. The retail segment is also playing well and one project to be named in the city is ‘Sobha City Township’, which will have a mall developed with 100 brands. This project has luxurious apartments, bungalows, villas and clubhouse. If you are looking for villas in Thrissur, you can avail one as many villa developments are happening in the city.

Kerala real estate is considered to be one of the investment friendly markets. With many Malayalees living overseas, the investment market is very active. Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city is also seeing a lot of developments happening in the realty market. Most of the residents of the city are employed in the government sector. The presence of IT sector has led to the boom of the real estate market here. Micro markets such as Karyavattom, Vellayambalam, Vattiyoorkavu and Vazhuthacaud are seeing increased real estate activities as the demand is high for these localities. The property prices are seeing appreciation with constant demand from the people. So, investment is a good option as rental returns and capital appreciation is expected. The city with the proposed and under construction infrastructure projects such as Vizhinjam Port, light metro will make a positive impact on the real estate market.

Kozhikode is another city which is transforming into a realty hotspot. The city is witnessing investments mostly from the Middle East and many IT companies are setting up their offices in the market. This will have a strong positive impact on the residential segment.

Kochi remains as one of the favourite residential markets among the home buyers and the investors, especially the NRIs. The city is well-developed with physical and social infrastructure. This is favouring the real estate market in a great scale. Marine Drive continues as a premium market.

Villas in Thrissur is also seeing constant demand from the NRIs and the high-end buyers. Other markets such as Kottayam, Palakkad, Kollam and Kannur are also seeing increased real estate developments.