How to Start Your Overseas Real Estate Portfolio

Real estate is a tried and tested asset class and the majority of people agree that as a long term investment commodity there is nothing really to beat it for consistently returning strong growth and increasing yieldshowever, when a country’s housing market goes temporarily cold as real estate prices move outside of the affordability gap, real estate investors often look overseas for the development of their property based portfolio.

Currently the real estate markets in countries such as the UK and US are slow and the ability to profit from property locally is reduced – therefore more people than ever are thinking about moving their focus abroad and starting an overseas real estate portfolio to enable them to build a passive income for life.

If you would like to learn more about building a passive income for life from investing in overseas real estate here are the main five considerations to bear in mind to maximize profit, reduce risk, increase yields and capitalize on opportunities as they present themselvesĀ  but before we begin it is always prudent to mention that the value of any investment can always go down as well as up, and that investment decisions should be taken carefully and be made with the assistance of qualified and experienced advisors.

Tip One – Real estate markets around the world emerge, boom, go bust and re-emerge all over again, but they do so at very different points in time as each market is heavily dependent on the current state of the economy in the given country. As we all know economies ebb and flow like the tide and there is no such thing as a guaranteed market where property prices will keep rising. However, there are countries in the world going through major economic change where the real estate market is emerging and where the long term forecast is for a period of prolonged growth. An investor who is not risk averse and who is planning an overseas real estate portfolio should try and identify which countries have a strengthening economy and an emerging real estate market.

Tip Two – Having found an emerging market an investor needs to determine the key factor that makes an investment into real estate in the given country a good decision. I.e., if a country’s property market is simply booming because of hype and an investor can see nothing to support the long term success of the market then they should walk away. If an investor can see massive room for growth but an interfering government who may attempt to restrict property investors from taking their profits then an investor has to decide whether or not they can still make enough profit from real estate to make any investment worthwhile.

Tip Three – Having determined that there is potential within a given market an investor needs to learn how to harness the power of other people’s money! As real estate is an expensive and slow to liquidise commodity it is unwise to pay cash from personal funds for an investment property, rather it’s wise to raise finance at a low interest rate from a secure financial institution. An investor should look into whether an international mortgage or a local mortgage is possible and affordable when buying overseas real estate.

Real Estate Seattle Investors Doing Well

Consult a knowledgeable lawyer who is savvy about the legal aspects of your local property market.

The kind of profit one can make on the sale of a property in current use depends on the age and state of the property, its location and its inherent value on the market. As a result expects local home values to increase by 3.8 percent by the end of 2011. A residence purchased five or ten years ago will have appreciated in value for the simple reason that property rates are constantly

With prices low, rates even lower and the huge inventory of homes on the market some investors are capitalizing on the real estate Seattle market. A more rewarding option is the outright sale of the property. That number will exceeds the previous foreclosure rate record set in 2009. Of course, the price a second-sale property will fetch will also depend on whether or not it is well maintained, the facilities it offers, the area it is located in, etc.

The cost that this involves would have to be adjusted in the final amount.

Such individuals seek to make a percentage of profit on properties that they are themselves currently occupying. Till the date of actual completion, rates will tend to be on the rational. Investors need to do their homework and gain sufficient knowledge of current real estate Seattle trends. Plunging headlong into property investment without a proper understanding of what you hope to achieve is not a good idea.

A ‘readymade’ property bought for the purpose of investment will have to be given sufficient time to appreciate in value. Such investors buy property for the exclusive purpose of making a profit from it, and do not utilize the estate personally. * Location is everything. Luckily has spotted some life preservers in an otherwise murky sea of real estate opportunity. It is the desire to find work that is fueling the trend of relocating to The Emerald City. However, since certain dynamics of the property market remain constant, a profit is still possible. Property investments are also done in non-developed or partially developed land.

There are chances of a loss if you don’t have an accurate idea of the state of the property market – and the changing values of your investment. Property investors fall into two broad categories, and we’ll discuss both of them briefly:

* It is always more profitable to invest in properties under construction or still in the planning stage. According to the source the following cities stand the best chances of recovery compared to anywhere else in the country. There may also be a need to downgrade on certain expenses such as maintenance costs. If you are interested in hopping on the local real estate Seattle home buying bandwagon, finding the perfect home is just a click away.
If one chooses to invest in residential real estate, the first preference should be towards units that are located on the first floor.

The media has been reporting that by years end more than 1 million properties will be foreclosed. Successful real estate Seattle investments are about a lot more than buying cheap property and selling it at a profit. Pure investors have a better chance of making a profit in their dealings simply because their options are wider. Actual Users

Township properties are your best bet on that score, since they provide all these and more. 2. To begin with, be aware of the odds. If you are utilizing a bank loan in to invest in property, make sure that the ratio of self-finance to the loan amount is supportive of a future profit. There are some bases that need to be covered to reduce the risk factor:

Exclusive Real Estate Investors

Aside from those sad statistics, the average home price is expected to decrease over the next two years across the nation.

Seattle, Washington, Median Home Price $371,000: Real Estate Seattle is not only the northernmost major city in the continental U.S.; the city is also the largest in the entire state. The value of the real estate Seattle property will be even higher if the location is one in current demand. Backed with the right information, you can definitely succeed. This is not to say that real estate Seattle investment is always a chancy proposition. * Real estate Seattle properties available for ready possession – though instantly available – do not allow for much picking and choosing on the above-mentioned points. Since the sale of such a property is usually need-based, the options are reduced drastically.

Nor is it ever a totally risk-free proposition, especially where spurious documentation, faulty judgment, market crashes and other unforeseen circumstances are concerned. Here, the investor has a say in the kind of property he or she wants. They should offer a good view and ventilation and, ideally, the use of a swimming pool, clubhouse and other trendy facilities. Here is a general blueprint for successful investment. They should also be backed by adequate parking facilities. As todays Homes For Sale Seattle list continues to grow with increasing inventory throughout the Real Estate Seattle market, many people have decided to look into purchasing investment properties.

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Learn about Anne Arundel County Real Estate

What gets most people that visit the area is the vast coastline. The country actually boasts over 500 miles of beautiful coastlines, which is adequately premium waterfront real estate, which is in extremely high demand. If that’s not enough, then there are plenty of activities available within the local community for all ages. The most popular include the likes of sports and extreme water sports, all kinds of fishing, crabbing and swimming./p>

For the younger people in the area there are two major skate parks which offer both fun and excitement. For the older people in the area there are over 70 country parks which work well with the nature reserves that are also open to the public on a daily basis. Anne Arundel caters for almost all ages and interests, so it is understandable why it is so popular for both residency and vacation related visits.

The only problem with the area is that if you visit, it is likely that you won’t want to return home. Don’t think this is a place for a -party’ retreat, but instead look at it as a place that embraces the good aspects of life. For instance, most mornings the 13-mile Baltimore and Annapolis Trail is a great place to visit. Here you’ll meet a range of hikers, joggers, bicycle riders and of course horse riders. Bird watchers are also a regular occurrence here. This is mainly due to the fact that there are a huge range of rare birds spotted on a regular basis such as heron, egrets and eagles.

If you are looking at purchasing real estate in the Anne Arundel County, then all of the above will aid the decision. If you are looking to move based on jobs and family based activities, then the following will definitely interest you. The local area is jam packed of action filled days and weekends for children and adults alike. There are camping weekends for youths as well as football and baseball home teams, that have had some decent success over the last couple of years. Of course, every year there is an annual Bay Bridge Walk, which is an experience not to be missed.

On the employment side of things, it is just as positive. Over the last few years the growth of employment in the area as been huge and has been recognised as one of the strongest in the state. On the flip side, the unemployment rate is also one of the lowest compared with surrounding areas. This makes it both a great place to purchase real estate and an extremely stable place to be employed.

Because of the desire to live and visit the area, residential and commercial investors are jumping on the real estate ladder. You’ll see a range of properties that have been developed to an extremely high standard. A lot of the properties that have been redeveloped by real estate professionals are available to rent for vacation rentals or even long term rentals. Quick research on local property sites will see the high demand that the area gets. Property prices are steadily rising and as the local residents develop the area to become even more active, it is likely that property prices will see a sharp rise over the next few years, regardless of the economic downturn.

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Benefits Of Custom Real Estate Website Design

Your best advertising tool to get your real estate property sold or rented fast, just might be to create your own custom real estate website design. Your real estate website design must be inviting, professional and easy to use if you want your Web traffic to turn into clients. Developing your Web site is one of the most important aspects of your online marketing campaign and if it is not designed properly, can have very negative results. Not only can poor real estate website design drive away potential clients, but poor design can cost you money. There are many websites that offer free website building and hosting. These websites also make it easy to make a free custom website yourself. You do not have to know how to write in complicated html code or learn new website editing software. If you can attach a picture to an e-mail then you should be able to make your own website that looks good and that will impress your potential buyer or tenant.

Keep in mind, having your own custom real estate website design will enable you to write a shorter description for your local newspaper classifieds and save you money. In addition, adding your website address to your newspaper add will give people the opportunity to see all the information and pictures of your real estate in an appealing format. Buyers and renters will have all there question answered, instead of you getting phone calls with inquiries about price, room dimensions, pet policy, school districts, amenities, etc. By having your own custom real estate website design, you should get more phone calls to set up appointments to walk through your real estate property. Also, with your own free website, you can add as many pictures as you want as well as a video to make the most impact. A video tour can be narrated and can point out the various features of the real estate that a casual observer might not realize. A video tour at the property is like always having your agent present at all showings to -sell- your real estate. A narrated video tour guarantees that your property is being shown in a proactive manner. Another advantage of a real estate video tour is that you can include community information. The city or town where a home is listed is an important consideration for a homebuyer. It’s always a good idea to also make sure that a buyer is aware of the benefits of a particular community.

The overall vision of your real estate website design should match the vision of your company. If you already have print materials and print ads for your business, you will want to continue that theme on your Web site.

To find out more information on how to custom real estate website design, please visit our website.

Real Estate Knowing and Investment in Detail

Real-estate will be the umbrella conditions regarding everything, on, beneath or above a piece of area that includes items, residences, crops, bushes, creatures, minerals building and water! Estate company that is real methods to possess appropriate put in place of purchasing rental or leasing the very piece of land and legal or a skilled. An interest in or on anything, and a terrain is completely attached with the identical. The principal class in real estate is its areas. Markets of Real-Estate Personal Marketplace This estate site that is real see any a property fascination with real-estate dealings’ purchase. The consumer is then liable to designate a genuine estate property director who manages the assets as well as the income generated on the house. Furthermore, this is the true property investments’ many immediate because it is but straight that the tenants along with the entrepreneurs have a package. The difficulties concerning the home are therefore dealt with additional directly. Community Market Investment industry that is public entails the acquiring of shares from the real estate corporation, which as time goes on increases to become the realestate trusts. The acquire is done right in the market that was open and then the trust pays dividends of it to you from your economic worth compiled. This is an oblique approach to investment thus the responsibility isn’t contributed by persons, but by the trust alone. Passions of Property Control Interest: Ownership would be to achieve responsibility and a complete control of the arrives and buildings on a property that is specific. Leasehold interest Leasehold will be to supply the property over a lease basis to a tenant by affording specific obligations and amenities in return for a hire by agreement. The right expense Fairness This investment will be to spend money on the house chosen’s control. The consumer responsible for design or any a big change is held by this strong title on on its constructing the territory and properties properties. Debts To invest in debt way to provide income to someone else in order to purchase a house for the person that is additional. The cash attained is paid as obligations or payments.check

How to Pick The Right Real Estate Agent?

Whether you are a buyer or seller, here are some ways you can find out more about the agent before you hire:

Check the licensing:

States have boards that discipline and license real estate agents in a particular state. Check if the person is licensed or not and if there’s any disciplinary actions on complaints. Search information posted online can also be referred.

Converse with recent clients:

Ask the agent to provide a list of what has been sold and listed in the past few years along with the contract information.

Select the winner:

Please check whether the agent has enough credibility or not. If the person has won any sort of award or recognition or designation, then nothing like it.

Research on how long the agent has been in this field:

How long the agent has been working can be easily found out either from the state licensing authority or from the agent himself/herself.

A couple of years indicate the person is learning on you and that’s not recommended.

After all what you might be looking for is someone who’s actively engaged in a particular area with a certain price range. You might also want to know what kind of market presence they have and what kind of knowledge they can demonstrate.

Inquire about other houses for sale nearby:

A good agent is supposed to have a fair idea about other area properties that are available. You can test the person by mentioning a house in your area that’s been sold recently all is up for sale. If the agent is able to give you at least a few details, that means he or she actually knows the area well.

Check out the current listings:

There are 2 ways to do that.

One, the agency’s own site. Secondly, website(s) that might compile the properties under the ‘Multiple Listing Service’ into a searchable online database.

The majority of the buyers starts their search on the internet. Obviously you would want an agent who is able to use that tool effectively.

One can also check out on how closely the agent’s listing(s) mirror the property that you want to sell or buy. You can also check whether they are in the same area, has a similar price range and whether the agent has adequate listing(s) that indicate a healthy business? However, not so many that you become just a number for that person.

Also, given below are a few red flags to watch for choosing a real estate agent:

*The agent proposes a higher price for the property.

*Is a relative.

*Charges a lower commission.

*Is engaged in real estate as a part timer.

*Doesn’t know the real estate landscape of the neighborhood very well.

*Doesn’t usually deal with the type of property you are looking at.

*The agent’s face appears on online listing(s).

*Doesn’t usually work in the price range you prefer.

*Is a poor negotiator and is unable to keep up with transaction details properly.

Real estate agents are an essential part of a property deal. So, PLEASE DO NOT rush through the process.

4 Tell-tale Signs That You Are Destined to Work as a Real Estate Agent

After spending countless years working with sales agents and witnessing their rise and fall, I now believe that a career in real estate isn’t for the faint of heart. With cutthroat competitors ready to pounce on potential clients, the industry is pretty much like the corporate world’s Hunger Games counterpart; only with smartly-dressed tributes. Now, if you’re wondering if you can survive and excel as a sales agent, look no further. This brief guide is here to help aspiring real estate specialists decide if they are cut out for this battle.

Real estate specialists are:

1. Deemed as the Mr./Ms. Congeniality of the business world.

It’s a no-brainer that being agreeable and savvy with words is a characteristic that every agent should posses. As a job that requires one to interact with different people, a person looking to dwell in real estate must be a true blue extrovert. However, it is also not too late for aspiring agents who are on the modest side. After all, social butterflies can be both born and bred.

2. Invulnerable to rejections

No matter how suave an agent is, there’ll always be objections and moments where they get a cold, hard ‘no’ for an answer. Getting a career in sales, particularly in real estate will cultivate an individual emotionally by providing plenty of occasions where they have to deal with rejections. It’s inevitable, pretty much like winter after autumn. A renowned guest speaker once said that sales is a numbers game where an agent has to try a ridiculous amount of times before he finally gets it right. It’s true. It all boils down to the courage to get up and try again.

3. Their own boss/their client’s attendant

Aside from being in control of their own schedule, property sales specialists get to enjoy the freedom over how much moolah they can make. But down the road, they realize that being in sales doesn’t make them the total overlord of the trade. The truth is, the client is in charge and to assure the overall welfare of the business, the boss’ needs and demands should be brought center and upfront.

4. Go-getters

In this industry, an agent doesn’t get the privilege to choose between the role of chasing and being chased. In fact, it will always be the agent who will do all the chasing. And in a market filled with cutthroat competitors, holding down a potential client is no joke. A sales pro in the making should be courageous, has genuine passion for what they are doing, and is willing to go lengths to reach their goals.

These traits are the perfect ingredients for success in the real estate industry. What’s even better is that anyone can acquire these if they choose to, it may be difficult but certainly not impossible. Gain the courage to reach your aspirations today, turn your dreams into reality, and start counting your victories.

Gurgaon The Most Ideal Real Estate Investment Opportunity

As one of the most sought after destinations when it comes to commercial and residential real estate, Gurgaon has witnessed an influx of potential buyers. With Delhi rapidly filling up, many people have shifted their focus to Gurgaon. Developers are looking at Gurgaon are strategising and planning projects that will encompass tall buildings, wide and large roads, and malls and shopping complexes.

Over the years, Gurgaon has become a hotspot for real estate – both residential and commercial sector. With finance pouring in from the government and other private industries, there is a great amount of planning to make Gurgaon a popular hub for real estate. Moreover, a significant in the employment and business sector has occurred in the city in the recent past; which has been one of the largest governing factors for the increase in the prices of property. Through a massive number of projects coming in, several people have invested in properties.

What Gurgaon also benefits from when it comes to real estate is additional features like security, private parking and open terrace and lawns. Buyers have been attracted by beautiful plots, located at ideal locations and within close proximity to landmarks, in South City. According to, Gurgaon has acquired the status of being an ideal city that people have, and should, invest in. Some of the factors that have contributed to this include appreciation process, high level of security and rental income.

From the statistical point of view, Gurgaon has revelled in the growth of its real estate sector. since 2008, there has been a 28 percent growth in properties near NH 8, one of the principal factors to have helped Gurgaon catapult to its real estate glory, notes. While the projects that were previously sold at Rs. 2400 to Rs. 2550 per square feet now fall in price range of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7000 per square feet. There has been an increase in properties along the Dwarka Expressway as well. Citing a 25 percent increase, the properties that were priced at Rs. 2700 to Rs. 3100 per square feet increased in 2012 to Rs. 4500 to Rs. 6000 per square feet. Moreover, properties on Golf Course road have risen by 16 percent, and those on the Golf Course extension road have escalated by as much as 31 percent.

The advent of monorail has been another significant attribute that has caused the increase of property prices in the city. The rental values have gone up by 20 percent. The future looks bright for Gurgaon, as more builders in Gurgaon are building projects and attracting buyers.

With the best of luxury, hospitality and sophistication, Uniworld Resorts in Gurgaon offer apartments that are not only affordable but meet the standard of living as well. The apartments offer added benefits like close proximity to NH8. With plot size of 420 square feet, Italian marble and hardwood flooring, golf parks and landscaped greens and terrace an lawns are what make Uniworld Resorts the most coveted real estate brand in Gurgaon.

A Platform All Set to Innovate Real Estate in India

The economy of any country is dependent upon every of its sector to a great extent. One of such sectors is real estate. It is considered as among the biggest drivers of the economic growth in a country. In India, real estate has been placed as the second-employment generating sector after agriculture. Not only it has been contributing to a high level of employment, it has also been responsible for stimulating demand in various industries such as steel, cement, brick, paint, consumer durables, building materials and so forth. Let’s have a look at some of the recent developments in the Indian real estate sector:

The Dark Days

The real estate industry in India has been experiencing various ups and downs since 2005. As a result of the implementation of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the sector, all the investment and developmental activities experienced a boom. It was followed by the entry of domestic companies along with the arrival of big foreign players including development companies, pension funds and private equity funds that were lured by high level of ROIs. However, by the mid of 2008, when the world was facing a drastic economic slowdown, its results were visible in the Indian real estate sector. Consequently, there was a drastic decline in the FDI inflow to the industry and what had emerged as one of the favorable markets for foreign investors underwent a major downturn.

The Days of Transition

Amid the recession, various organizations and platforms have been trying to come up with different ways to bolster the real estate sector in India. One of such revolutionary platforms is Bidding house. It has arrived to provide properties at a cost-effective rate at the time when the sector is undergoing through severe recession and inflation.

It can amaze anyone that how can any organization provide properties at economical rates during such adverse timings of inflation. However, Bidding house has come up with an innovative process to cut down costs in various types of available properties. In order to provide finest deals, it has partnered with various big players in the market, including DLF, Adani, TATA, and Lotus Greens among others. As an effective alternative, Bidding house has come up with a method in which it would purchase a multiple number of properties from its partners in a lot system. Following the process, all the properties will be made available to users at unmatchable prices.

Bidding house is not only for buyers, but, sellers, brokers and real estate agents will also be provided an exposure to a wide base of customers and audience all around the country. Hence, anyone can reap a broad range of benefits with the use of just a single platform.


The real estate sector may have been going through a phase of downfall, however, there is a platform which has arrived with a goal to meet all the property requirements of every user in India.

With Bidding house, all the cash buyers, investors and first time buyers can easily purchase the property of their dreams and carry out their various real estate process.

Corporate Real Estate Occupiers are Aggressive on Expanding Offices in India

Recently, a popular property consultant firm conducted a research on mid-sized corporate real estate occupiers during the period June – July 2015, and gathered the responses of leading corporate firms headquartered in India and overseas. The research report says that, corporate real estate occupiers seem to be very aggressive in occupying office spaces across India.
Basically, the survey pointed to the choice of work space being progressively driven by the three main objectives; they are Talent (availability and cost), Infrastructure (social and physical) and Real Estate options. It has to be noted that the survey respondents included the corporates based across different industries and the representatives of typical Indian office space occupiers.
Below mentioned are a few key findings of the research:
The corporate occupiers in India are more likely to adopt the workplace strategies. The survey also revealed that the occupiers are being very efficient and are more inclined to adopt the efficient strategies, with most of the corporates mainly preferring to adopt open space workstation formats.
The leading corporate space occupiers continued to occupy the core locations and central business districts of major cities. The study also explored the preferences of the respondents across various occupation options, and the result indicated that, almost about 75% of the respondents preferred to lease, pre-lease or purchase the space within the prime locations of the cities.
IT/ITeS companies are planning to expand their operations across major cities in the southern part. The respondents of other key sectors like ecommerce firms, health care and others preferred Mumbai and Delhi NCR for their future expansions.
Office space occupiers across the leading industry segments were asked to chart out the direction in which they want to expand their office over the next two years. The results indicated that, most of the IT/ITeS firms (almost about 70%) of the respondents are more likely to expand their operations in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai, while the ecommerce and media firms chose to expand in Mumbai and Delhi NCR in the next two years.
Corporate Real Estate Occupiers are Aggressive on Expanding Offices in India
Corporate Real Estate Occupiers are Aggressive on Expanding Offices in India
Corporate Real Estate Occupiers are Aggressive on Expanding Offices in India
It’s expected that the headcount of corporate offices will increase in the next two years as most of the respondents seemed to be very aggressive on expanding their operations in India. Almost 80% of the respondents from the sectors like IT/ITeS, consulting, research, ecommerce are planning to increase the employee headcount in the next two years.
Many respondents were comfortable with the corporate real estate strategies of expanding their operations within the existing markets. The above mentioned key findings clearly indicate that the occupier sentiment is highly positive towards the business environment of India for the next two years.