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Finish the Race, Find a Good Triathlon Coach

A good coach for triathlon should be an expert when it comes to endurance racing. This knowledge will allow him to assist in the training of other marathoners. Also, it is important that a triathlon coach is able to work with people with different skill level and fitness condition. Being able to use their experience in racing and other endurance challenges is one good quality for a triathlon instructor.

Triathlon coaches will first assess your knowledge regarding triathlons. Triathlons or IRONMAN challenges normally starts with a swim for about 2.4 miles, followed by a bike challenge of 112 miles and the last part would be running for 26.2 miles. All three areas of the challenge are done one after the other. The challenge goes with varying distance with each part of the race. After signing up for a triathlon race, it is important that you should find out about the details of the course. Every detail of the race is important in order for you and your coach to train for it properly.

After getting all the details, your coach will find out your skill and fitness condition. Your current skills and racing experience will be the basis of your training. Athletes who have already tried competing in endurance races will have a different training compared to those who have no experiences in such races.
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Your weakness and strength will be taken into account and will be the basis of your training design. Training regimens are a case to cases basis and will have to be adjusted accordingly to fits every individual’s needs.
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There are many components that make up a training regimen. Your level of energy and your drive to complete your goal will determine your training. Exercise schedules are different for every person depending on how much they worked out before triathlon training. This is because people have different lifestyles making workout schedules differ accordingly. Like in the cases of a working mother who spends her time between jobs and caring for her kids will have less time and energy for workouts in contrast to singles who can go to a gym without worrying about kids and work.

These lifestyle differences will be taken into consideration in order for your coach to create a suitable workout schedule. The pool, a bike course and a running track will consist of your workout schedule. You will need to be able to improve in each of the three areas of the race.

You will have to meet not only a long term goal but a short term goal as well and your coach will keep track of your changes and advances in the three aspects of the race. Your speed and also your endurance will be tracked continuously throughout your training. You will start slow and will progress into more intensive workouts to improve every aspect of your skill. A good endurance coach will ensure safe workout regimens to avoid injury.

Find someone to train you who will be able to pass on their knowledge and skill in triathlon challenges. Find a coach who have firsthand experience in triathlons and will be able to train people with different level of strength. You can complete a triathlon challenge when you have the right coach to train you.