What Are the Signs a Lift Needs to Be Serviced

When a home lift has not received proper lift maintenance services in Singapore, their lift can begin to break down and lead to serious risks. Homeowners need to know the signs of problems with their lift, so they will know when they need to have it serviced. With this information, homeowners can stay on top of their lift maintenance schedule and have greater peace of mind.

Signs a Lift Needs to Be Serviced

Properly servicing a lift is a must for ensuring the lift will be safe for operation. The following signs should never be ignored by a homeowner. If these signs are occurring, prompt maintenance and service will help to get the lift back in good working order.

  • If the lift is making strange noises, it is time to have repairs carried out. A full inspection of the lift will help to reveal the cause of the noises, so they can be properly repaired.
  • Jerky movements could mean one of several repair issues are present. If the lift jerks or shakes when moving or stopping, this is a dangerous issue that needs to be repaired right away, before injuries begin to occur.
  • Homeowners may notice they are experiencing longer wait times for their lift to respond to the button commands. If the lift is not offering optimal service, a homeowner needs to seek immediate services from the expert technicians, so proper repairs can be carried out.
  • If the lift seems to stall or is slow to transverse the different floors of the home, prompt intervention is needed. Safe operation is a must and when issues are arising, they need to be addressed right away.
  • If a lift seems to be breaking down on a regular basis and simply is not providing the right level of performance, it is time for a service call. A skilled technician can help a homeowner discover if they need repairs or a replacement.

Call For Service

If your home’s lift is exhibiting problems, now is the time to see repairs. Contact Hin Chong today, so your service call can be scheduled. Allow them to take care of all of your lift repair and maintenance needs.