3 Reasons to HIre a General Contractor for Residential Window Replacement

Owners who want to alter homes for changing needs, increase property values, and add curb appeal often begin by replacing windows. The project offers them a fast way to dramatically improve their home’s look and improve energy efficiency. Many clients hire trusted general contractors when choosing a window company. Building contractors can offer a huge variety of window styles and installation options. They perform energy audits and will roll window upgrades into other projects to save clients money and inconvenience.

Contractors Offer a Variety of Windows

Unlike window and glass companies, general contractors work with a huge variety of suppliers. They can get good deals on windows, hardware, shades, screening and shutters. Builders are also skilled at repairing any damage they find when removing original windows. They have the tools and experience to completely alter window openings and replace original windows with bigger or smaller versions. Contractors can provide and install double-hung, casement, slider, bay, and bow windows to match any decorating style. They also create specialty windows.

Building Experts Understand Energy Efficiency

Upgrading home windows is a fast way to improve home energy efficiency. With that in mind, contractors who are hired to upgrade windows can perform an energy audit and advise clients of all the ways they can reduce utility costs. For instance, technicians identify poorly insulated or ill-fitting doors that cause drafts. Once homeowners begin choosing replacements, builders can show them double-pane windows with energy efficient coatings. They can supply styles with UV coatings that filter the sun’s damaging rays. Contractors routinely provide styles with thermal reinforcement that maximizes home insulation and increases the structural integrity and strength of windows.

Construction Professionals Offer Full Service

Clients often hire contractors for window upgrades in order to minimize home improvement stress and inconvenience. It can be time-consuming and expensive to hire different specialists for window replacement, roofing, and siding. A general contractor can roll all of those upgrades into a single project that results in a uniform appearance. Contractors schedule all the workmen and coordinate each phase so clients do not have to. In many cases it is also less expensive to have one contractor complete all upgrades in a single project.

Homeowners often hire general contractors to replace home windows. Builders offer a variety of energy-efficient windows and provide custom installation. They can save clients time, inconvenience, and money by rolling window upgrades into one project that includes several improvements.